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The Hidden Delight of God

"God delights in his kids.
Embracing that statement just might be the most liberating thing in the world."

Jesus said, “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).


So … are you free?

Why is it that almost every believer would answer that question by saying, “Well … sort of.”


Many of us are not “free indeed” because we struggle with embracing God’s delight. And we struggle with God’s lavish, expressive love largely because of our battle with guilt, shame, upbringing issues, or a distorted view of God.

My goal in writing The Hidden Delight of God is to invite us on a journey of identity, dismantling our false narratives, to ground us deeply into the heart of God.


The reviews are in ...

"Some Christian books are profound and Biblical, some fun, some will haunt you with the truth and some will change your life. John Hever has pulled off all four. You will never again read about the Exodus of God’s people out of Egypt into the promised land without thinking about The Hidden Delight of God. This is a refreshing book and a game changer.  You will 'rise up and call me blessed' for commending it to you."  Steve Brown, radio broadcaster and author


“Like every one of God's children who has ever lived, we are prone to forget His faithful love toward us and shackle ourselves once more to the cruel taskmasters of sin and law. In Unforgotten, Pastor John Hever places the key of freedom back into our shaky hands as he walks us through the ancient story of Exodus. If, like me, you are prone to forget, read this book. You will remember who you are in Jesus and be set free again.” Noel Heikkinen, Midwest network director for Acts 29; lead pastor at Riverview Church, author 


  • “… read this book! Take back your life! You’ll never be the same again!” John Avant, President of Life Action and author

  • “… compelling … fascinating …” Johnny Hunt, pastor and author, former president of the SBC

  • “… honest … he does not mince words …” David Swanson, pastor and author 

  • “… I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” Dr. Robert McAlister, pastor and global catalyst

  • “… inviting us towards healing …” Mandy Smith, pastor and author

  • “… John Hever breaks the mold when he says we are all Madonna.” Lee Powell, pastor and author

  • “… a thought provoking invitation to break through…” Seth Broadhurst, Freedom in Christ ministries

  • “Any Christian book that begins with a pastor confessing he was nearly in a bar fight grabs my attention.” Frank A. James III, president of Mission Seminary

  • “… an engaging style that will captivate young and old.” Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr, founder of Third Millennium Ministries, author

  • “… extraordinary insight, sensitivity, and true craftsmanship … a compelling ‘must read’ for Christ-followers at any age!”  Tammy L. Smith, counselor & author

  • “Read this book, find your identity in Christ, and discover a “new season” in your life!”  Alan & Lisa Robertson, Duck Dynasty

  • This book isn’t just theory for John, it’s his life.” JR Woodward, National Director, The V3 Movement, pastor, author

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