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Here's how it began ...

I walked out of the meeting angry. Furious, actually. At God.

I just heard from a former NYC gang member that we are cut off from God by our sin. I had never heard that before, but I somehow instinctively knew that I was broken. Still, it made me mad—why didn’t God do something about that?! The next night--at Frontier Ranch in Colorado, the Young Life leader shared about the cross of Christ and everything connected for me. It was as if someone peeled back the blinders from my eyes.

Christ … died … for me.

I began to tell everyone I knew about how Christ had changed me. Others began to believe and follow Jesus as well. Off to college I went. In my junior year at Ohio State, my church buddies asked me to help them plant a college church at Bowling Green State University. My parents didn’t think that was a cool thing to do, but I’m pretty sure God did. He did such amazing things in my life at Bowling Green that, three years later, it was pretty clear to me that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

I graduated from the Medical College of Ohio with a degree in physical therapy, move to Muncie, Indiana and planted a college church at Ball State University. I pastored there until I returned to my Florida roots to co-lead H2O church Orlando (, getting my master’s degree through Reformed Theological Seminary. My wife, Jana, and I have four kids. I love fishing, kayaking, basketball, coffee, reading, and brewing my own beer.

My passion, now, is to kill my fear, find my freedom, and take back my life.

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