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Hever Fever Fight Club

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OK, dude, you wanna go? Let’s just step outside …

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Now, I am not promoting pastor fights in sports bars. But when I told this story to my congregation, they cheered. “Wait a minute, you guys,” I said. “I am confessing that I, your pastor, almost threw down with a bully in a bar.” More applause.


Again, I am not justifying my actions (though I’d probably do it again).


Looking back, I now see that the bar bully encounter is a metaphor for our lives. We begin our journey with Christ and, at first, all goes well. But eventually we find ourselves hungry … dissatisfied … stuck. Not experiencing the abundant life.


A bar bully stands in the way, representing whatever lies and half-truths oppose our freedom.


And we sit at the table of life, passive, silent, and accepting.

What I realized that night was that I need to fight for my life. What I realized is that life isn’t going to play nice. It isn’t going to play fair. It’s going to be cruel and heartless and rough-and-tumble.

So you better know who you are.

You better fight for your life.

Because we, as followers of Jesus, are in a cosmic battle to live as children of God.


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Let’s live unleashed.

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