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A Bar Fight

Are you ready to flip the script on your life message? Are you ready to fight for the abundant life Jesus promised?


This book begins with a bar fight. Well, almost …


I was on a date night with my wife, Jana, when our evening was interrupted by an obnoxiously loud man at the table next to us. After putting up with fifteen minutes of his ranting, I did something a little out of character for me. I asked him to keep it down. Politely. After he told me to “take a

hike,” I did something way out of character for me. I got up, walked over to his table, and simply sat down, uninvited. I can’t tell you what he said

next because this is a Christian book. I can tell you what I said next, but only as an admission of guilt. “Hey man, you’re ruining our date night

and acting like a jerk.” Then—in response to his eye roll— something tumbled over my lips before I could shut my mouth …

OK, dude, you wanna go? Let’s just step outside … [read more]

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